Winter Books for Preschoolers: 25 Books You Want on Your Shelf!


When it’s frosty cold outside, there’s no better place to be than curled up with your little ones, enjoying a perfect winter picture book!

When the days are short, dark and bleak, reach for one of these winter books for preschoolers to warm the souls of you and your children.

Being stuck inside during winter can be hard for parents and little ones alike! Cooped up inside, everyone can begin to feel stir-crazy.

A good book, however, can be the perfect antidote for long, dragging winter days.

You may not be able to change your physical scenery, but you can certainly broaden the horizon of your imagination.

When you find your day needing a reset or you’re craving some connected time with your child, reach for one of these perfect winter books for preschoolers.

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Cozy Winter Books For Preschoolers

Bear Snores On

This is, hands-down, my favorite picture book of all time! It’s a cold, blustery night, and one by one, a whole crew seeks shelter in Bear’s cave. As the animals brew tea and pop corn, Bear snores on. What will happen when Bear wakes up?

The Snowy Nap

Winter is coming to the farm, and Hedgie desperately wants to watch the pond turn to ice and make snowmen instead of hibernating. Will this little hedgehog be able to stay awake for the wonders of winter?

Over and Under the Snow

A whole magical world exists both over and under the snow. The lyrical text and beautiful illustrations work together to make this book an exquisite experience.

The Snow Globe Family

The family inside the snow globe is longing for a good, big snowstorm! When will someone give the globe a good shake?

The Mitten

Jan Brett’s signature illustrations put a delightful spin on this classic folktale. When Nicki drops his mitten in the snow, animal after animals think it would be the perfect place to hunker down in, but how much can one little mitten stretch?

The Mitten

I also really love this version of the story as well! Children find it fascinating to listen to different re-tellings of stories!

Winter is the Warmest Season

Now, most people think of summer as the warmest season, but this book explores the usually overlooked warmth found in winter from roaring fires to piping hot cocoa.

The Wolf in the Snow

The snow is really coming down, and the little girl is lost. An unexpected friendship helps her reunite with her family in this wordless picture book.


Cozy the musk ox finds his wooly coat home to an array of animals one cold winter. Will the animals be able to get along until spring arrives?

Winter on the Farm

The ground may be covered in snow, but life on the farm doesn’t stop. Join Almanzo in his chores and as he gathers for dinner with his family.

An Orange in January

Follow an orange on its journey from blossom to playground treat.

The Hat

Lisa’s stocking has come off the line, and now Hedgie is stuck with this “hat.”

Extra Yarn

Annabelle finds a ball of yarn and decides to knit herself a sweater. When she’s finished she has some extra yarn, so she starts a sweater for her dog. And so it continues, until the whole town is covered in Annabelle’s work.

Red Sled

One night the woodland creatures decide to take the red sled for a ride. Come along on their fun adventure!

Annie and the Wild Animals

Annie’s cat has disappeared, so the lonely Annie tries to make friends with the forest creatures. Will Annie’s beloved cat come home again?

Big Snow

One little boy is hoping for snow. Big snow! Will his snowy wishes come true?

Winter is Here

The vivid illustrations and simple text are perfect for little listeners! This book is a celebration of the quintessential winter activities and events.

Owl Moon

A little girl and her father set out into the wintry woods with the hopes of seeing an owl. This book is a beautiful tribute to the connective power of nature.

Winter Days in the Big Woods

Join Laura and Mary as they enjoy the wonders of winter!

The Snowy Day

Oh, the simple joys a snowy day can bring. This book is a classic for a reason.

The Red Apple

One cold winter’s day, Rabbit spots a red apple hanging from a tree, but he can’t reach it by himself. As he is joined by his friends, they all work together to get the apple down.

Brave Irene

A fierce storm may be brewing outside, but Irene is determined to deliver a dress for her mother. Will Irene be able to summon up her determination to complete her mission?

Samson in the Snow

Samson the wooly mammoth wonders what it would be like to have a friend of his own? Will he find some one day?

Mama, Do You Love Me?

Set in the Arctic, this sweet book explores the depths and breadths of a parent’s love.

Mice Skating

For mice, winter usually means burrowing down and staying warm, but not for Lucy! She longs to share her winter wonderland with her friends!

Grab some cocoa, cozy up and enjoy these perfect winter picture books for preschoolers!


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