Weather Books for Preschoolers that Come in Clutch on a Rainy Day


Rain, snow, sun or wind—these weather books for preschoolers explore what’s going on outside your window.

It may be raining and pouring, but these weather books for preschoolers will have you anything but snoring!

What do animals do in storms? Where do snowflakes come from? Why are clouds different shapes and sizes?

Have you been asked any of these questions before? Dive into these books and discover the answers with your little one!

Our list of weather books for preschoolers includes a great mix of both stories and informational text, so get ready to be entertained and learn along the way!

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The Best Weather Books for Preschoolers

Worm Weather

Rainy days bring their own special kind of fun! Both above and below ground!


It’s raining, which delights a little boy and disgruntles an older man. Will the boy be able to cheer up the grouch?


It’s raining, and Sam is itching to go outside and play. Grandad, however, suggests they wait until it stops. Some cocoa, books and letter-writing later, they are ready for a rainy adventure!


According to Bear, rain ruins everything, but Badger, Moose, Bee and Rabbit seem to think otherwise. Will they be able to help Bear see things differently?

Come On, Rain!

It’s a sweltering summer day, and Tessa pleads for the rain to come! This story perfectly captures the joy and relief that is a much-needed summer shower!

It’s Raining!

Gail Gibbons is a wonder at beautiful, easy to understand children’s informational text! Learn the ins and outs of rain through this book.

Rabbits and Raindrops

The little rabbits venture out of their nest for the very first time ready to see what the great wide world has to offer. Jim Arnosky is a master at simply, yet beautifully, highlighting the wonder of nature.

A Rainbow of My Own

A little wants to have a rainbow all his own! How nice would that be?


What will you see, hear, smell and taste when you play in the rain?

This Beautiful Day

A rainy day doesn’t have to be boring! With a little imagination, the children turn a gray day into a glorious adventure!

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Kids will be delighted with the familiarity of the classic nursery rhyme and will also love the new verses that have been added that delve into even more types of weather!

Little Cloud

Come along with the playful little cloud as he makes his way across the sky, changing shapes as he goes.


Cloudette may be the smallest cloud, but she still dreams of doing great, big things. Will she get her chance to make a difference one day?


Has your kiddo ever wondered why clouds are different shapes or colors? This books is a great introduction for older preschoolers to learn more of the science behind clouds.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Travel to the imaginary land of Chewandswallow. It’s just like any other small town, except for the weather!

The Wind Blew

Follow along as the wind has some fun, snatching up an umbrella, the mail and even a wig!


Use your five senses to explore a windy day!

Gilberto and the Wind

Gilberto spends the day playing with the wild and unpredictable wind.

May I Come In?

Poor Raccoon is scared to be alone during the storm, but none of his friends have room in their burrows or dens for him. Will he have to ride out the storm alone?

I Am the Storm

Through tornadoes, forest fires, blizzards and hurricanes, this book shows how families band together to face storms and their aftermath.

When the Storm Comes

Through lyrical rhyme and beautiful illustrations, explore how animals and people prepare for storms and how they regroup afterwards.


Gibbons breaks down the mighty power of tornadoes in a way that is fascinating and digestible for little kids!


Big winds are coming, so Sam and Grandad decide to fly a kite! But first, they have to find their kite!


What will you see, hear, taste or smell on a sunny day?


Sam and Grandad are off on another adventure on this warm and sunny day: a picnic with pirates! Usher adds the perfect dose of whimsy and wonder to his exploration of weather!

Sun Bread

It’s the dark of winter, and everyone, including the baker, has been missing the sun. So, she makes sun bread to brighten the town up. A special visitor comes to share the treat too!

The Story of Snow

Do your little ones have questions about snow? This book provides clear, concise explanations about the beautiful, magical phenomenon of snow.

It’s Snowing!

Explore the magic (and science) of snow through this awesome, easy to understand book!

Ten Ways to Hear Snow

This book is a beautiful lesson in slowing down and paying attention to the small wonders that surround us every day.


It is snowing! Sam is ready to go to the park with all the other kids, dogs and some other, unexpected creatures, but he has to wait for Grandad. 

Weather Words and What They Mean

This is a great foundational book to help your child build their weather vocabulary and basic knowledge!

Rain, sleet, snow or shine, these weather books will always deliver a good time!


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