Summer Books for Preschoolers that Really Shine!


Find a shady spot, maybe grab a popsicle, and get ready to enjoy the best summer books for preschoolers!

From sunny days and splashing in ponds to swimming pools and summer storms, this list of preschool summer books covers it all!

The changing of the seasons is a source of awe and wonder for little kids. These picture books help you lean into that curiosity and explore splendid summer!

Our list includes the perfect mix of sweet stories and interesting informational text! 

What will you and your kiddos discover in the pages of these summer books for preschoolers?

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Summer Books for Preschoolers

Summer Song

This story is an ode to buzzing bees, singing birds and the warmth of the sun. The lyrical text and playful illustrations are sure to captivate young readers!

In The Small, Small Pond

Life is teeming around the small, small pond! From wriggling tadpoles to geese on parade, there is a whole world to discover at the edge of the pond!

Some Bugs

Summer is the time for chasing down creepy crawlies, and this delightful, rhyming book explores the many features and feats of different types of bugs.

Jabari Jumps

Come along with Jabari as, with some encouragement from his dad, he faces his fears and jumps off the diving board!

And Then Comes Summer

This book is a celebration of summer and the warm weather fun that accompanies it!

One-Dog Canoe

A girl and her dog have set out together in her little red canoe, but soon, a beaver, loon, wolf, bear, moose and frog all ask to join. The girl insists that it’s just a “one-dog canoe,” but the animals have other ideas. Just how many animals can this canoe hold?

A Frog in the Bog

This silly, rhyming book tells the story of a frog, sitting on what he thinks is a log. The frog eats and eats and grows bigger and bigger, but someone might have their eyes on a froggy snack!

Blueberries for Sal

Little Sal and Little Bear are both picking blueberries with their mothers, but both little ones stray away. What will happen when Little Sal finds herself following Mama Bear and Little Bear finds himself behind Sal’s mother?

Possum and the Summer Storm

A summer storm has washed away the possums’ home! With some help from their forest friends, the possums are able to build a new home that’s even better!

Turtle Splash!: Countdown at the Pond

Ten timid turtles are sleeping on a sunny day, but their peace is interrupted by other creatures! Splash! Into the pond they go!

Over and Under the Pond

The pond is home to a wonderful variety of creatures, both over and under the water!

Summertime in the Big Woods

Travel back in time and join Laura and her family as they enjoy the simple pleasures of summer and warm weather!

Bear’s New Friend

It’s swimming time for Bear and time to find his friends! But, there are strange noises in the woods. Who could be hiding? Is it mouse? Is it hare? No, it’s a new friend!

Fletcher and the Summer Show

Join Fletcher and his friends as they organize a talent show!

Come On, Rain!

It’s a sweltering summer day, and Tessa pleads for the rain to come! This story perfectly captures the joy and relief that is a much-needed summer shower!


What makes a perfect summer day? Chalk, seashells, time to wander and imagine? This sweet book explores the simple pleasures of a childhood summer day.

Over and Under the Waves

Dive in and explore the worlds above and below the waves. This book provides a beautiful glimpse into the lives of ocean creatures.

Mister Seahorse

Mrs. Seahorse has laid her eggs on Mr. Seahorse’s belly, and it’s his job to care for them until they hatch. As he drifts along waiting, can you spot other sea creature fathers caring for their young?

Summer Days and Nights

Sipping lemonade, swimming in a pool and falling asleep to the hooting of an owl. Join a little girl on a quintessential summer day and night.

Sea Glass Summer

Thomas is spending the summer with his Grandmother, and she teaches him how to find sea glass. Thomas spends his days searching for new treasures and his nights dreaming of where those pieces of glass originally came from.

Summer Walk

Join Grammy and her grandkids on a walk through the woods! Keep an eye out and see what creepy crawlies you will find!


Beetles, bunnies, worms and winged-things; there’s a whole world underground!

The Very Quiet Cricket

The tiny cricket wants to chirp! With each new insect he meets, he rubs his legs together and tries, but nothing happens. Until he meets another cricket, that is. 

A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

Mr. Magee and his dog Dee are enjoying some marshmallows around the campfire, when they are joined by a marshmallow-loving bear! And then, the adventures begin!

Mr. Grumpy’s Outing

Mr. Grumpy has set out down the river on a perfect summer day. He isn’t the only one who wants to float along though!

Enjoying celebrating the sweetness of the season with these 25 favorite summer books for preschoolers!