Spring Books for Preschoolers to Read Year After Year!


Spring is a time of sunshine, longer days and new life, and these spring books for preschoolers capture the vibrancy of the season.

From green leaves, budding flowers, and mud puddles to hatching eggs, these spring books for preschoolers explore the hallmarks of the season!

Children have an innate curiosity surrounding the patterns of the natural world. Beautiful seasonal picture books help kids to explore the changes they notice happening outside their windows.

Spring picture books are a great way to pique curiosity, expand learning and, most importantly, connect with the kids you love.

When your little ones take a break from puddle jumping, mud pie making or picking flowers, grab one of these delightful spring books for preschoolers and soak up the season together!

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Spring Books for Preschoolers

And Then It’s Spring

A young boy and his dog set out to plant a garden. Their anticipation is high as they wait for life to spring forth.

Make Way for Ducklings

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are looking for the perfect spot to lay their eggs. Will they ever find a place to Mrs. Mallard’s liking?

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

There is a reason this story has been a favorite of children for over a century. Potter’s beautiful illustrations and wry humor make this a delightful tale.

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

Fletcher is enjoying a nice, warm day, until he notices snowflakes flying. He must let his friends know a snowstorm is on the way!

An Egg is Quiet

Explore eggs of all shapes, sizes and colors and be amazed by the variety that exists among them.

Inch by Inch

Inch worm delights in being able to measure things, but one day a nightingale threatens to eat him if he doesn’t measure his song. Will little inch worm be able to get away?

The Honeybee

Buzz along with honeybee and experience a day in the life of a bee.

The Curious Garden

Liam discovers a tiny garden that’s hidden away. With some love and attention, he is able to revive it. The curious little garden spreads out over Liam’s city and completely transforms it and its inhabitants.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

Discover the vibrant world exists both above and below the soil.

A Seed is Sleepy

Dig in and see how amazing and unique seeds can be.

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Join in Peter and Benjamin’s misadventures in Mr. McGregor’s garden.


Mossy is a special turtle with a garden growing on her back. When she is taken to live in a museum, Mossy is heartbroken. Will she ever make it back to her special pond?

On Duck Pond

A boy and his dog watch as peaceful duck pond transform into a cacophony of life.

If You Plant a Seed

This story is a beautiful object lesson in reaping what you sow.

Possum and the Peeper

Peep, peep peep! Possum and his friends’ slumber has been disturbed. Will they be able to find who’s behind the all the racket?

Worm Weather

Rainy days bring their own special kind of fun!

Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book

From flower to flower, buzz along with a bee who is hard at work!

A Nest is Noisy

Nests come in all shapes and sizes. Explore everything from an orangutan’s tree top lair to a tiny hummingbird’s nest.

Mighty Mole and Super Soil

Take a look into Mighty Mole’s underground world!


My son and I adore this story of Cloudette, who may be the littlest cloud but still dreams of doing great, big things. Will she get her chance to make a difference one day?

When Spring Comes

From mud puddles to new blossoms, this book explores the awakening of spring.

Fletcher and the Caterpillar

Fletcher has found a tiny new friend whose favorite thing to do is eat and eat and eat! One day though, Caterpillar stops eating. Oh no! Is Caterpillar sick?

Shake a Leg, Egg!

In Spring, the pond is full of life and new babies, but one little egg is taking its sweet time to hatch.

In the Tall, Tall Grass

Investigate the world of beetles, ants, birds and bunnies in the tall, tall grass.

Busy Spring

Join as a family as they discover the signs of spring in their backyard.

A Perfect Day

It’s a perfect day in Bert’s backyard, until Bear comes along that is!

Planting a Rainbow

A mother and daughter watch magic unfold as small, drab seeds and bulbs transform into a beautiful rainbow.

The Spring Visitors

There’s mud everywhere! Will the bear family be able to leave the cottage in pristine shape or will they be found out by the humans?

Soak up the freshness of the season with these spring books for preschoolers that your family will want to read again, and again, and again!


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