Snow Books That Kids Will Love!


Ready for a delightful trip into a Winter Wonderland? Cozy up with these snow books!

When the world outside is frosty and frozen, curl up under your favorite blanket and enjoy some delightful snow books!

Winter brings so many changes to the natural world that are fascinating to little kids. You can lean into their curiosity with books that explore the seasonal changes happening right outside their window.

Books are a beautiful way to expand knowledge, and deeper understanding occurs when learning is relevant.

So, snuggle up and spend time with your little ones celebrating the season with these adorable snow books!

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Our Favorite

Snow Books

Over and Under the Snow

A whole magical world exists both over and under the snow. The lyrical text and beautiful illustrations work together to make this book an exquisite experience.

The Snowy Day

Oh, the simple joys a snowy day can bring. This book is a classic for a reason, and it is a book that you will definitely want on your shelf!


It is snowing! Sam is ready to go to the park with all the other kids, dogs and some other, unexpected creatures, but he has to wait for Grandad.

When the Snow Falls

The simple, rhyming language of this books casts a spell over listeners much like a snow fall coats the world with magic. Little listeners will be mesmerized with this delightful winter story.

The Snowy Nap

Winter is coming to the farm, and instead of hibernating, Hedgie desperately wants to watch the pond turn to ice and make snowmen. Will this little hedgehog be able to stay awake for the wonders of winter?

First Snow

From making a snowman to forming snow angels, join a little girl in the joy that is the first snow of the season!

Small Walt

Walt may be the smallest snow plow and there may be a blizzard blowing outside, but Walt is confident that he will prevail! This is a sweet book sharing the message that small doesn’t mean insignificant.

Samson in the Snow

Samson the wooly mammoth wonders what it would be like to have a friend of his own? Will he find some one day?

Big Snow

One little boy is hoping for snow. Big snow! Will his snowy wishes come true? 

The Most Perfect Snowman

Drift is a lonely, plain snowman, and more than anything else, he wants a hat, scarf and a carrot nose to fit in with the other snowmen. As a blizzard rolls in, Drift is faced with an unexpected choice.

The Three Snow Bears

This is the classic “three bears story” with an Arctic twist. Little ones will love the familiarity of the story and the detailed illustrations that are a hallmark of a Jan Brett book.

Making a Friend

Beaver really wants a friend, so he decides to make one! As he builds his snow friend, Raccoon notices and begins to help. It may be that Beaver has made more than one new friend!

Ten Ways to Hear Snow

This book is a beautiful lesson in slowing down and paying attention to the small wonders that surround us every day.


Come along with a little girl and her grandmother as they enjoy a fresh fallen snow.

The Snow Globe Family

The family inside the snow globe is longing for a big snowstorm! When will someone give the globe a good shake?

Ollie’s Ski Trip

Ollie just got his very first pair of skis! As he tests them out, he meets Jack Frost, and the duo embarks on a magical winter adventure!

Under the Snow

What do animals do when it’s cold and snowy out? Dive into this book and find out!

Wolf in the Snow

The snow is really coming down, and the little girl is lost. An unexpected friendship helps her reunite with her family in this wordless picture book.

A Polar Bear in the Snow

Follow along with a polar bear as he goes about his day in the icy Arctic.


It starts with just a few flakes, but those flakes add up to transform a city right before a little boy’s eyes.

Got to Get to Bear’s!

When Bear asks you to come, you come! Even if there is a blizzard roaring outside! Join four animal friends as they try their hardest to get to bear’s house.

Katy and the Big Snow

A big snowstorm gives Katy and her snowplow their chance to shine as they help clear the roads for the townspeople.

Bunny Slopes

Little ones will love this interactive book where they can tilt, turn and shake the pages to help bunny ski.

Snowman’s Story

Snowman’s book has been swiped by a sneaky rabbit! Will Snowman be able to get it back?

Hooray to Snow!

While Mama and Papa might not be quite so eager, Mick, Mack and Molly are ready to venture out into the new-fallen snow!

Delight in the magic and wonder of winter weather with these sweet snow books!


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