Show and Tell Letter U: 40 Unbelievably Good Ideas


Feeling unprepared for Show and Tell for Letter U? You are in the right place! I’ve got you covered with 40 unique ideas your preschooler will love!

letter u show and tell

So, it’s time for Show and Tell Letter U! Let’s get ready!

Show and Tell is always a highly anticipated weekly event in my household, and I love to lean into the excitement of it!

Throughout the week leading up to show and tell, my son and I keep a running list of items that start with the focus letter.  Not all items on the list are show and tell potentials, but we like to see how high we can get our list.  As an added bonus, this is a fun, low-key way to build phonological awareness!

Check out my unbelievably great ideas for show and tell for letter U and my best show and tell tips!

Tips for Show and Tell

  • Plan Ahead. Don’t be caught last minute trying to scrounge up an item for show and tell for letter v. Use this list to prepare for the big day.
  • Consider Categories. When brainstorming for show and tell, you might find it helpful to think in categories like: food, characters/famous people, animals, toys, things, and places.
  • Think Outside of the Box. Sometimes you/a family member/ or friend may have a skill (like riding a unicycle in this case) or an item (real ukelele) that is a perfect fit for the letter. You can contact your child’s teacher about about setting up an amazing learning experience for the class.


My #1 tip for Show and Tell? Don’t forget your item!

You can go digital and set a reminder on your phone.

Or, take the old school route and stick a post it note on the door

Show and Tell Letter U Ideas

THINGS that start with Letter U

  • Umbrella
  • UFO
  • U travel related items: Been to Utah, Uganda or Universal Studios lately? Hats, t-shirts, postcards or specialty items would be great to bring!
  • U sports team related items
  • USA related items
  • United Kingdom related items
  • Ugg boots
  • Ukelele
  • Undercover agent
  • Umpire
  • University of ______ gear
  • Utensils
  • Uniform: A sports uniform, police officer uniform or firefighter uniform would all be great options!
  • Ursula: from the Little Mermaid
  • Unicycle
  • Utility belt: Batman fans could bring Batman’s utility belt, but just a normal tool belt is a fine option.
  • Universe: A picture or a model of the universe would be awesome to show to classmates.
  • Uranus: Again, a picture or a model would be undeniably cool!
  • Uncle: Your little one could bring in a photo of their favorite uncle or an item that belongs to him.
  • UNO card game
  • Underwater _______
  • Utility vehicle
  • Undershirt
  • U-haul
  • Uber: If you’re feeling crafty, your preschooler can make an Uber sign to go in their favorite toy car. How cute is that?
  • Unusual _______: This is possibly stretching the limits, but if you’re really in a crunch let this adjective help you out!
  • Upside down ______: Also, a bit of a stretch, but remember, creativity is a good thing!

FOOD that starts with the Letter U

food that starts with letter u show and tell ideas
  • Ugli fruit: Yes, this is a real thing! It is a Jamaican form of a tangelo.
  • Upside down cake
  • Unsalted nuts
  • Utz brand snacks

ANIMALS that start with Letter U

show and tell ideas of animals that start with letter U
  • Unicorn
  • Uni[insert cute animal]: I’ve seen uni-cats, uni-dogs and uni-pigs!
  • Umbrella Bird
  • Uinta ground squirrel: This type of squirrel is found in Utah and Wyoming.
  • Ural owl
  • Urchin
  • Unicorn fish
  • Urial: This is a wild sheep that has a reddish/brown coat.
  • Unau: Linneas’ two-toed sloth.

Now, your preschooler is undeniably ready to show up and show out for Show and Tell Letter U!

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