35 Preschool Books About Bugs That Are Un-Bee-lievably Good


Insects galore! Backyard bug-catchers will love these read aloud selections!

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From creepy crawlies to wonderfully winged insects, this list of preschool books about bugs covers them all!

Bugs can be a source of fascination for little kids. These picture books help you lean into that curiosity and explore the wide world insects.

Our list includes the perfect mix of sweet stories and interesting informational text! 

What will you and your little ones discover in the pages of these preschool books about bugs?

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Preschool Books About Bugs

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This beloved book tells the story of one little caterpillar who eats and eats until he turns into one very big caterpillar with a stomach ache! Kiddos will be amazed by the caterpillar’s transformation.

It Fell from the Sky

When “it” appeared in the garden, none of the insects knew what it was or where it came from. But, they were in awe of it. So, Spider quickly capitalized, setting up a display and charging a fee. But when the insects stop visiting, what will Spider do?

Some Bugs

This delightful, rhyming book explores the many features and feats of different types of bugs.

Are You an Ant?

Get an insider look into a day in the life of an ant!

In the Tall, Tall Grass

Investigate the secret world of beetles, ants, birds and bunnies in the tall, tall grass.

Fletcher and the Caterpillar

Fletcher has found a tiny new friend whose favorite thing to do is eat and eat and eat! One day though, Caterpillar stops eating. Oh no! Is Caterpillar sick?

The Very Quiet Cricket

The tiny cricket wants to chirp! With each new insect he meets, he rubs his legs together and tries, but nothing happens. Until he meets another cricket, that is.

Diary of a Spider

What’s it like to be a spider? Read his diary and find out! You may see that spiders are a lot more like you than you thought!

Diary of Fly

Fly may be little, but she has big dreams! Tag along for her adventures with her best friends, Spider and Worm!

A Butterfly is Patient

Enjoy the beauty and variety of butterflies through exquisite illustrations and lyrical text.

Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book

From flower to flower, buzz along with a bee who is hard at work!


Way down underground there is a whole other world filled with twisting tunnels and creepy crawly creatures!

The Grouchy Ladybug

This Ladybug starts his day off grouchy, and it doesn’t get better! With each new animals he meets, his surliness continues. Will anything turn his day around?

Are You a Grasshopper?

What makes a grasshopper a grasshopper? Hop along and find out!

Beetle Bop

Peek into cracks and looks up walls! This fun, rhyming books explores beetles of all stripes and spots!

The Honeybee Man

A rooftop in a big city isn’t exactly where you would expect to find a beekeeper’s hive, but that’s where Fred keeps his bees. See how Fred’s bees thrive in the middle of the city!

Butterfly House

A little girl and her grandfather build a butterfly house and watch as a caterpillar transforms. They release the beautiful butterfly, and as the years pass, the girl watches as generation after generation of butterflies return to her garden.

A Beetle Is Shy

Explore the wide and wonderful world of beetles!

Are You A Ladybug?

What does a ladybug do all day? Come along and find out!

The Very Busy Spider

The other barnyard animals try to get the Spider to come and play, but she is very busy. What is the spider busy creating?

Hank’s Big Day

Come along with Hank, a pill bug, as he nibbles leaves, encounters bigger insects and hangs out with his best friend Amelia, a human.

Ten Little Ladybugs

This is such a cool, tactile countdown book! Where are the ladybugs going? Read to find out!

Waiting for Wings

How are butterflies born? What do they like to eat? Explore the life cycle of a butterfly and learn the answers to these questions and more!

Are You a Spider?

Discover the amazing world of spiders!

The Very Lonely Firefly

The little firefly is searching for other fireflies, but it isn’t having any luck! Will it be able to find companions?

The Honeybee

Buzz along with honeybee and experience a day in the life of a bee, visiting the flowers and communicating with other members of the hive.

Ten Little Caterpillars

Count the caterpillars in this delightful, rhyming book!

The Bug Girl: A True Story

Sophia fell in love with bugs when she was just two years old. But, as she got older, other kids started making fun of her interest. With help from her mom and some scientists, Sophia realizes that having a passion is a really cool thing!


Gail Gibbons makes scientific learning fun and accessible for kids. See what new things you will learn about ladybugs in this book!

The Icky Bug Alphabet Book

Explore the world of insects from A-Z!

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

The simple, short text and whimsical illustrations make this book perfect for even the youngest of listeners.

Shoo Fly!

A little mouse and a fly face off in this comic extension of the classic song. Will the mouse ever get some peace?

Are You a Dragonfly?

What’s it like to be a dragonfly? This books give you the inside scoop!

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle

The little click beetle has flipped over and is stuck on his back! With the help of an older beetle, he tries and tries to “click” and flip onto his feet, but he just can’t! Will he ever get the hang of it?

Bugs Galore

This whimsically illustrated book is a celebration of the diversity of the insect world. Explore bugs of all shapes and sizes from those that live down in the dirt to ones that fly up in the sky!

From beautiful butterflies to buzzing bees, this list of preschool books about bugs covers them all!


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