25+ Owl Children’s Books That Are a Hoot!


Whooo loves owls? If you said yes, then these owl children’s books are for you!

owl picture books

Many kids are fascinated by majestic nighttime fliers, and these owl children’s books are a great way to embrace curiosity about these creatures.

From sweet stories of love, friendship and bravery to laugh-out-loud antics, this selection of books has it all!

Curious to learn more about what owls eat, how they hunt and where they live? You can find those answers and more, too!

Our list of owl children’s books includes a great mix of both stories and informational text, so get ready to be entertained and learn along the way!

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Owl Children’s Books

Knight Owl

Owl has always wanted to be a knight, and he finally has his chance. Owl may not be your average knight, but he uses his differences to his advantage when he faces a fearsome dragon.

Owl Babies

Three little owls awake to find their mother gone. Together they are brave as they await her return.


Learn about the unique features of owls that can be found in North America through Gibbon’s simple, informational text.

Little Owl’s Night

Join Little Owl as he explores his nighttime world! What other nocturnal creatures will he meet?

Little Owl’s Snow

Winter is coming, and Little Owl is ready for snow!

Little Owl’s Day

When Little Owl wakes up early, he discovers a whole new, magical daytime world! He can’t wait to share all his new discoveries with Mommy!

Good-Night, Owl!

The sun is up, and it’s time for owl to go to bed. But, owl has some very noisy neighbors keeping him awake.

Bear’s New Friend

Someone new has arrived in the woods. If it’s not Mouse, Hare, Badger, Gopher, Mole, Raven or Wren, who could it be?

Owl Moon

A little girl and her father set out owling one winter’s night. They may, or may not, see an owl, but they will certainly make some special memories together.

Night Lunch

Mouse longingly watches Owl prepare delectable dishes for the creatures of the night. He’s spotted by Owl. Will he become part of the menu? Or is a special friendship in store?

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Instead of gathering nuts with his friends, Squirrel Nutkin taunts, teases and tests the patience of the owl, Old Brown. What will happen when Old Brown’s patience runs out?


Owly certainly is curious, asking his mother question after question, like: How many stars are in the sky? How deep is the ocean? And, how much do you love me?

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

Plop the barn owl doesn’t want to be night bird; he’s afraid of the dark. So, Mummy sends him out to learn more about darkness. Will the new friends Plop makes convince him that the night is alright?

My Best Friend

Mouse and Owl are best friends! At least, that’s what Mouse thinks. Owl might have other ideas though!

Good Night Owl

Owl is trying and trying to go to sleep, but he keeps hearing a squeak! Will he ever find the source of the noise?

National Geographic Readers: Owls

Discover how owls hunt, raise their babies, and keep themselves safe in this beautifully photographed informational book!

The Barn Owls

Children will be drawn in by this beautiful illustrated poem. The barn has stood in the wheat field for 100 years, and owls have always lived there, hunting, sleeping and raising their young.

Hoot and Peep

Peep is finally big enough to explore the rooftops with her brother, Hoot, and he can’t wait to teach her all about being an owl, starting with the fact that owls say “hooo” and only “hooo!” Will Peep toe the line, or will she teach her brother to see the magic that is all around?

A Song for Snow

Peep can’t wait to see her very first snow, and she has a million questions for her brother, Hoot! Come along as the siblings enjoy the snow together!

Greta the Great Horned Owl: A True Story of Rescue and Rehabilitation

This true story of Greta, an owl who was hit by a train, will captivate and inspire your little ones.

Owl at Home

Owl is always willing to share his home with his friends.


On a stormy night, Owl finds shelter in a henhouse. He wants to stay, but the hens want him gone! They are looking for a rooster, not an owl. Will Owl be able to convince them to let him stay?

Snowy Owls Are Awesome

How do owls survive in the cold, cold Arctic? Where do they find food? What dangers do they face? Discover more about these fascinating creatures in this easy to understand informational book!

Sam and the Firefly

It’s night and Sam the owl is ready to play, but everyone else is asleep. Everyone but the firefly that is! Join Sam and Gus, the firefly, on their nighttime adventures!

Max and Marla Are Flying Together

Max has big dreams of building a kite and flying it with his owl friend, Marla. But, even though she’s an owl, Marla is a little scared of flying. Can Max help her overcome her fear?

Littlest Owl

Eggs one, two and three have already hatched by the time the last little owlet finally emerges. He’s not at all like his siblings, and as they learn how to fly, he struggles. Despite trying and trying, he just can’t. Will he ever be able to catch up?


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