Garden Books for Preschoolers: 25+ Titles Your Kids Will Really Dig!


Been searching for the perfect garden books for preschoolers? These 25+ favorites are “just the thicket!”

garden books for preschool

From tiny seed to green leaves, budding flowers and ripe veggies, these garden books for preschoolers explore the ins and outs of plants! 

Children have an innate curiosity about natural world and what’s going on outside their window.

Pique interest, expand learning and, most importantly, connect with the kids you love through these garden books for preschoolers.

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Garden Books For Preschoolers

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

Discover the vibrant world exists both above and below the soil.

If You Plant a Seed

This story is a beautiful object lesson in the power of kindness.

The Curious Garden

Liam discovers a tiny garden that’s hidden away. With some love and attention, he is able to revive it. The curious little garden spreads out over Liam’s city and completely transforms it and its inhabitants. 

My Garden

As a little girl helps her mother in the garden, her imagination runs wild, dreaming of chocolate rabbits, color-changing flowers and much more! This whimsical book is such a delight!

Tops and Bottoms

Rabbit is in a tight spot and needs to feed his little ones, so he comes up with a clever plan to trick lazy Bear out of half of his crop. Kids (and adults) will laugh out loud at Rabbit’s tricky antics!

Planting a Rainbow

A mother and daughter watch with wonder as small, drab seeds and bulbs transform into a beautiful rainbow.

The Night Gardener

Watch as a magical transformation takes place in one town. Who is the night gardener behind the magic?

A Seed is Sleepy

Did you know seeds can fly and float? Dig in and see how amazing and unique seeds can be!

Growing Vegetable Soup

Join along in the creation of vegetable soup! See how tiny seeds turn into a yummy meal to share!

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

Bunnies are eating Mr. McGreely’s garden, and he is determined to stop them! Mr. McGreely hammers, saws and builds, but those bunnies just keep on munching!

Green Green: A Community Gardening Story

Is there room for a garden in the middle of the city? These neighborhood kids think so! They inspire their community to come together and create a garden!

Jack’s Garden

Jack starts with just a shovel, seeds and soil and transform his backyard into a vibrant garden.

The Carrot Seed

A little boy plants a carrot seed. Even though everyone says that it won’t grow, the boy believes it will, and he takes care of it with patience and dedication!

The Ugly Vegetables

The little girl wishes that she had a beautiful garden overflowing with colorful flowers like her neighbors, but all her garden has is ugly vegetables. Her mom tells her their garden is better than flowers, and at harvest time, the little girl sees what she means.

A Peaceful Garden

Follow along with two kittens as they grow and tend their peaceful garden!

Planting the Wild Garden

How does the wild garden grow? Take a peek into the ways that nature scatters seeds.

Miss Maple’s Seeds

Sometimes, seeds don’t sprout, but no worries, because these little guys have Miss Maple looking out for them. Throughout the winter, she teaches them how to sprout and grow. When spring comes again, these little ones are ready!

Lola Plants a Garden

Lola and her mom read about how to start a garden, and then they dig in! The waiting is hard though, so to pass the time, Lola creates her own flower book!

From Seed to Plant

Gail Gibbons is the queen of children’s informational text! She combines lovely illustrations with simple, straightforward explanations that little kids easily understand!

The Little Green Girl

She dreams of exploring the world, but the little green girl is a topiary and can’t move on her own. Will she be able to spark a sense of adventure in her gardener and get a chance to see what lies beyond her garden?

The Tiny Seed

Explore the life cycle of a plant through Eric Carle’s vivid illustrations.

Miss Rumphius

Your older preschoolers will enjoy this beautiful book with a beautiful message. Join Alice as she makes her small corner of the world a lovelier place.

The Reason for a Flower

This is a lovely, lyrical introduction to the parts of plants and their jobs.

We Are the Gardeners

It wasn’t always easy, but the Gaines family stuck with it and learned how to be gardeners.

Wonderful Worms

Those wiggly little worms play an important role in keeping our soil (and our planet) healthy!

The Surprise Garden

After sowing mystery seeds, the little ones can’t wait to be surprised by what grows!

If You Hold a Seed

Magic and wonder can happen when you tend a seed (or a dream) with love and care. This is such a sweet story about never giving up.

What Will Grow?

Explore the different shapes and sizes of seeds and the variety of plants they grow into!

Your kids will love learning more about the world around them through these garden books for preschoolers.


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