How to Create a Farm Theme Sensory Bin


Sensory play is great for kids, and this farm theme sensory bin will keep your kids busy until the cows come home!

farm theme sensory bin

If you’ve been searching for an easy, engaging activity for your kids that gets them outside and encourages creativity and imaginative play, look no further! This farm theme sensory bin has got you covered!

This muddy animals washing station is incredibly quick and easy to set-up and can entertain your kids for hours. All you need is mud, water, and farm animal toys! These elements are so basic, but kids absolutely love the combination!

But, not only is this activity so fun for kids, sensory play offers so many benefits, as well!

This post will walk you through how to set up an epic muddy animals farm theme sensory bin.

What is sensory play and why is it important for kids?

Sensory play is any activity to engages one or more of the senses. When kids engage their senses, they are learning. Sensory play can actually help kids build and strengthen nerve connections in the pathways of their brain! These nerve connections help kids accomplish complex tasks.

Setting up a sensory bin is an easy and fun way to help promote your child’s growth and development!

To learn more about the benefits of sensory play check out this article from Cleveland Clinic.

sensory bin with toy farm animals

What you need for your farm theme sensory bin:

The Basics:

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  • Farm Animal Figurines: Make sure that you are using toys that can withstand some dirt and water. Schleich and Safari Ltd. are brands that are very well-made.
  • Mud: Shovel some up from your yard, buy a bag of soil, or turn the hose on a grass-less patch of yard —whatever works best for you. Make some mud!
  • Water
  • Containers for mud and water: These can be literally anything from old pots and pans to plastic storage containers.

Fun Extras:

  • Liquid Soap: Do kids love anything more than bubbles? This add-on definitely ups the ante on fun!
  • Spray Bottles: Using a spray bottle is a great way to develop finger strength and dexterity. Kids will love to spray down the animals and possibly each other as well 😉
  • Scrubbing brushes, sponges, and dish towels: Let kids get work, scrubbing down those muddy farm animals!
  • Whatever parent-approved item your child would like to add!
supplies for farm theme sensory bin

How to set-up your sensory bin:

Setting this sensory bin up is really so easy, especially if you get your kids to help you!

I love to involve kids in the set up of activities. It helps give them a sense of ownership over the activity, which I find leads kids to be more interested and invested in the activity. It’s also really cool to hear any ideas they have about how to implement it.

I get kids involved by prepping the area, helping me find the items we need, getting the items ready and with clean up. Even really little kids are usually able to help you find items that you will need, take them to the set up area and put them away.

This activity works best outside in an area that you don’t mind getting muddy. Because of the water and mud, play clothes are a must! Or, better yet, swimsuits if the weather allows!

How to make clean-up a breeze:

As busy caregivers, our plates are full.  The idea of yet another mess to clean up can sometimes be enough to stop you before you are even out of the gate.

But, setting up a muddy animals sensory bin does NOT have to be a big mess!

Tips for Clean-Up

  • Take it outside! Have a dedicated outdoor area where children are free to let loose and have fun.
  • Have a set (or sets) of play clothes. These are the clothes that you are 100% okay with them becoming stained and grungy.
  • Follow with water. If the weather is warm enough, turn on the hose, hook up the sprinkler, and/or fill the kiddie pool. Congratulations! You’ve just added a new element to the sensory experience, encouraging the play, learning and fun continue! And you have clean kids. If it’s too chilly for full-blown water fun, make sure feet are clean and head inside right to the shower or tub.
  • Have towels and a change of clothes on hand. Having your clean up materials ready before your children are done playing can relieve so much stress when its actually time to transition to another activity. I like to grab towels, baby wipes, a change of clothes or whatever I will need when I set up the activity.

How to make the most out of your sensory play experience?

Take the inspiration and adapt the idea to accommodate what you have on hand.  

Don’t have farm animal figurines? Use dinos.  Or plastic cars.  Or duplo blocks.  Any water-safe item will work!

Don’t have (or are just not too keen on using) mud, but you still want to give your children a fun washing station sensory experience? Use washable paint, shaving cream or chocolate pudding.

Take the essence of the idea and don’t stress about the exact execution. 

Reminder: Adult supervision is required for all activities found on

Did your little ones enjoy this “yee-hawseome” sensory bin? Let me know what worked for you!


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