Fall Books for Preschoolers: 22 Must-Reads


Grab some hot apple cider and slices of pumpkin bread and settle down with these cozy fall books for preschoolers.

fall books for preschoolers

As the days get cooler and the leaves change colors, these fall books for preschoolers can provide a perfect moment of pause and connection for you and your children.

Children have an innate curiosity surrounding the patterns of the natural world. Beautiful seasonal picture books help kids to explore the changes they notice happening outside their windows.

What are the best fall picture books for preschoolers and young children?

While there are some books that are “higher quality” than others, a good book is any book that brings joy to you and/or your children.

The books on this list are all books that have been read on repeat for years in my home and preschool classroom. When evaluating books, I always consider the beauty of the illustrations, the cadence and messaging of the words, and the joy that is experienced when being read aloud.

Cozy up and enjoy these fantastic fall books for preschoolers!

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Discover Our Favorites

Bear Has a Story to Tell

Bear has a story to tell his friends, but they are all busy preparing for winter. He kindly helps each one, eagerly anticipating spring when they will all be together again.

The Scarecrow

A lonely scarecrow and a baby crow develop an unlikely, but very sweet, friendship.

Sophie’s Squash

Sophie has a new best friend, a squash, who does everything and goes everywhere with her. The only problem? Her friend is starting to go soft and change colors. What will Sophie do? Children and parents alike will be laughing at Sophie’s antics.

Lawrence in the Fall

Lawrence’s class is having a collection show and tell, but Lawrence has no idea what to bring. With help from his dad, Lawrence finds a beautiful, unique collection to share with his friends.

Every Autumn Comes the Bear

Every year as winter approaches, a bear reappears in the woods behind a family’s farm.

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

This is a fun, seasonal twist to the classic children’s song.

Miss Suzy

Poor Miss Suzy is driven out of her comfy home by a band of unruly squirrels, but with the help of some new friends, Miss Suzy is able to return to her peaceful abode.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Fletcher is worried because his favorite tree is loosing its leaves. He tries and tries to help, but to no avail. However, one morning he awakes to an unexpected surprise.


Bear is baffled by the leaves falling off the trees. What will the trees look like in the spring when he awakes from his hibernation?

The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night

Fox is looking for a meal for his family, and he finds one in the farmer’s goose pen. This is a very fun, repetitive, rhyming book. However, I want to warn parents that it does portray the circle of life: the fox brings the dead goose home for his family to eat.

In the Middle of Fall

This book displays the quintessential experiences of fall through simple language and beautiful pictures. It will be beloved by both younger and older listeners.

County Fair

Join Almanzo and his family as they attend the County Fair.

The Autumn Visitors

Autumn has arrived, and so has the bear family. Join the bears as they enjoy the best fun that fall has to offer.

Ox-Cart Man

The Ox-Cart Man loads up his wagon with goods that he and his family have carefully made throughout the year to sell at market. He returns with some much-appreciated surprises.

Flora’s Very Windy Day

Flora and her brother, Crispin, are sailing away in an amazingly strong wind. Along the way, they encounter many creatures who could all make use of Crispin. Will Flora give her brother away?

The Deer in the Wood

Pa returns from his hunt empty-handed. What happened while he was in the woods?

Earl the Squirrel

It is time that Earl learns how to collect nuts on his own. Come along with Earl, as he encounters lots of adventures along the way!

Acorn Was a Little Wild

Acorn is always up for adventure! But, will his adventures end when he is buried by a squirrel?

Possum’s Harvest Moon

The moon is big and bright, and possum wants to celebrate the beauty with his friends! But, everyone is too busy. Will possum have to celebrate alone?

The Little Yellow Leaf

The little yellow leaf watches as all the other leaves fall from the tree, but it doesn’t feel ready yet. It waits and waits and finally finds a special friend.


Pete keeps everything neat, so when the trees begin to lose their leaves, Pete has major problems! Thankfully, he has a solution: remove the trees! But, is a forrest without trees really a place Pete wants to be?

The Busy Little Squirrel

It’s fall, and the little squirrel has lots of work to do! The simple, repetitive language of this book is perfect for very young listeners!

I hope you enjoyed cozying up with these must-read fall picture books!

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